Board Actions 2024

License Number Licensee/Applicant Name Description of Action Effective Date
LCSW-17130 Tina J. Adams Consent Agreement 5/31/2024
LISAC-15063 William J. Bilbray Consent Agreement 5/30/2024
LPC-14201 Susana Villa Consent Agreement 5/29/2024
LPC-18591 Ericka J. Valdez Consent Agreement 5/22/2024
LCSW-17766 Alyssa C. Probert Consent Agreement 5/14/2024
LCSW-22213 Sherri Mikels-Romero Decree of Censure 5/11/2024
LAC-22040 Karina Rivera Consent Agreement 4/29/2024
LPC-19290 Michael L. Smith Order for Revocation 4/19/2024
LAC-19254 Jennifer L. Lohmeyer Consent Agreement 4/17/2024
LPC-17442 Sandra H. Ritter Release 4/15/2024
LCSW-3634 Arline M. Lemeshewsky Release 4/15/2024
LPC-18562 Eboni J. Fields Release 4/15/2024
LAC-17650 Roberta J. Appleton Release 4/15/2024
LMSW-18534 Elizabeth K. Andronic Release 4/15/2024
LPC-13806 Sandra D. Graham Consent Agreement 4/14/2024
LISAC-15098 Kimberly J. Crooks Consent Agreement 4/14/2024
LPC-10224 Deanna D. Vance Consent Agreement 4/14/2024
LPC-1511 Joanne M. Sanderl Consent Agreement 4/3/2024
LCSW-12325 Margaret A. Walden Consent Agreement 3/19/2024
LPC-2540 Gigi M. Marteney Consent Agreement 3/14/2024
LMSW-20869 Celina M. Gravanda Release 3/11/2024
LAC-18292 Adi Shakti K. Khalsa Release 3/11/2024
LMFT-15582 Dwayne A. Kruse Release 3/11/2024
LPC-15554 Tamar T. Shindel Release 3/11/2024
LAC-21958 Lynda L. Weathersbee Release 3/11/2024
LPC-10773 Kathryn M. Forsyth Consent Agreement 3/11/2024
LPC-14300 Julia A. Gunthner Consent Agreement 3/11/2024
LPC-17806 Snaha R. Patel Consent Agreement 3/11/2024
LAC-20551 Rachel L. Tegtmeyer Consent Agreement 3/8/2024
LMSW-20899 Brierra M. Winfrey Consent Agreement 3/8/2024
LAC-20539 Dorothy Granberry Consent Agreement 3/5/2024
LAC-22327 Tamara L. Overhage Consent Agreement 2/13/2024
LMSW-20963 Ruth M. Santiago Consent Agreement 2/13/2024
Unlicensed Charity E. Northan James Cease and Desist 2/13/2024
LASAC-15364 Wanza R. Hinton Release 2/13/2024
LCSW-19185 Santos M. Gonzales Release 2/13/2024
LPC-17442 Sandra H. Ritter Consent Agreement 02/05/2024
LPC-0952 Kavita A. Hatten Decree of Censure 02/02/2024
LMSW-19191 Sarah E. Kircher Consent Agreement 01/22/2024
LPC-21582 Christine C. Carrillo Consent Agreement 01/19/2024
LPC-19262 Patrick S. Thurman Release 01/16/2024
LCSW-21619 Robin L. Edgell Release 01/16/2024