Board Actions 01/01/21 - 12/31/21

License Number   Licensee/Applicant Name   Description of Action   Effective Date
LCSW-15349 Courtney Lansdowne Consent Agreement 06/14/2021
LPC-15211 Juniper Campbell Consent Agreement 06/03/2021
LCSW-0285 Katharina Von Rhau Consent Agreement 06/01/2021
LAMFT-10543 Kristin Jimenez Consent Agreement 05/18/2021
LCSW-0487 Michael Sweeney Release 05/18/2021
LPC-18709 Jill Sena Release 05/18/2021
LSAT-15120 Patricia Porras Release 05/18/2021
LPC-2248 Kimberly Popkey Release 05/18/2021
LPC-17472 Christina Aguilar Interim Consent Agreement 05/17/2021
LAMFT-Applicant Robert McShane Denial 05/17/2021
LCSW-12299 Beverly Sailors Consent Agreement 04/28/2021
LPC-18574 Lorraine Land Order of Revocation 04/19/2021
LMSW-17758 Deborah Matula Angell Consent Agreement 04/12/2021
LMSW-18895 Kyle Irwin Interim Consent Agreement 04/12/2021
LPC-15210 Susan Barrette-Mozes Release 04/12/2021
LPC-16724 Tammy Brewer Release 04/12/2021
LASAC-15119 Lee Ann Hull Release 04/12/2021
LCSW-3617 Andria Jennings Release 04/12/2021
LAC-15750 Victor Macias Release 04/12/2021
LISAC-11106 Kelly McGuirk Release 04/12/2021
LMFT-15158 Caitlin Meaney Release 04/12/2021
LMFT-15582 Dwayne Kruse Consent Agreement 03/26/2021
Anthony Bratko Release 03/16/2021
LAC-15339 Carolyn Nessinger Release 03/16/2021
LPC-16320 Shannon Fore Release 03/16/2021
LAC-19492 Jamie Sparrowgrove Release 03/16/2021
LPC-19058 Donna Jordan Release 03/16/2021
LMFT-15289 Devan Hunt Consent Agreement 03/15/2021
LPC-1851 Nancy Skocy Consent Agreement 02/25/2021
LCSW-3780 Terryl Moe Consent Agreement 02/22/2021
LASAC-15257 Carol Carlyle Consent Agreement 02/19/2021
LPC-18275 Carol Farmer Consent Agreement 02/01/2021
LPC-16320 Shannon Fore Consent Agreement 01/29/2021
LMSW-16979 Erin Jones-Cunningham Consent Agreement 01/22/2021
LASAC-15080 Jules Bailon Interim Consent Agreement 01/22/2021
LPC-16724 Tammy Brewer Consent Agreement 01/22/2021
LMFT-15410 Kerry Martin-Doehring Consent Agreement 01/22/2021
LCSW-3460 Lori Haas Release 01/21/2021
Daniel Krepps Release 01/21/2021
LMFT-15257 Drew Pease Release 01/21/2021
LPC-18709 Jill Sena Consent Agreement 01/05/2021