Online Services and Forms

Renewal Application Form* or Renew online
* For best results, download the fillable form and save it to your desktop before completing.
NOTE: The renewal fee is $325 as of January 12, 2019, ($163 for additional licenses when renewed together)
Licensees can now submit their license renewal applications electronically by clicking Renew online above.  For those wishing to complete the renewal process by mail, please select the Renewal Application Form above.

Change of Contact Information (including name, address and employment changes) - submissible online with a valid email
Board rules require that applicants or licensees report any change in contact information within 30 days of the change.  Name changes require an attachment with acceptable documents (see form for directions).  If you do not have an email address, please contact the Board and a form will be mailed to you.  The Board can NOT accept changes by phone.

Inactive Request Form
A professional can request to place their license on inactive status for one renewal period.

Extension to Inactive Request Form
A professional can request an extension of the inactive status by showing good cause. 

Public complaints on a Board licensee or applicant can be submitted using this form.

Public Records Request
Copies of public information (including license verifications) can be requested by submitting this completed form including fee. 

License Synchronization Request
Submitting this form initiates the synchronization of expiration dates for multiple license holders.  This can only be accomplished at the time of renewal of the multiple licenses.

Statute/Rule Book Order Form
Statute/Rule books are available by submitting this form and a $10.00 fee.

Sample Client forms - provided for sample purposes only, not required.
       The following SAMPLE forms include the required elements to meet Board rules: