State of Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners

Information Current as of 9/24/2021.

Name: Diane Anderson

Phoenix  AZ  85028
Phone: (623) 582-1198
License(s): License Type License No Status Issued Expires
Certified Independent Social Worker SW-0904I Closed - Converted 3/1/1992 6/30/2004
Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCSW-0904 Closed - Expired 7/1/2004 2/28/2012

Complaint#: 2001-0011 View Board Order
  Findings: Professional established a dual relationship with a former client and breached client confidentiality. Sanctions: 12/07/01 Consent Agreement: 1 year Probation: 1 year Supervision: Ethics course. Compliance with Consent Agreement stipulations. Released from Consent Agreement 02/07/03.
Complaint#: 2002-0041 View Board Order
  Findings: Professional provided treatment to mother for five months and then began treatment for minor child while continuing treatment with mother. Professional agreed to stay neutral in domestic dispute. Professional subsequently wrote a letter to the mother's attorney regarding child's best interest to live with mother without notifying or without consent of father. Professional allowed her own daughter to tutor the minor child client. Sanctions: 08/01/03 2 years Probation: 2 years monthly supervision: Cannot provide clinical supervision while under probation: 3 semester credit hr grad. Ethics: $500.00 civil penalty. Compliance with Consent Agreement stipulations. Released from Consent Agreement on 10/07/05.

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