Board Actions 01/01/17 - 12/31/17

  License Number   Licensee/Applicant Name   Description of Action   Effective Date
LISAC - Applicant Craig Darragh Order of Denial 02/17/2017
LAC-16545 Brian Theer Consent Agreement 02/07/2017
LPC-1969 Don Burchfield Consent Agreement 02/07/2017
LPC-12929 William Cady Interim Consent Agreement 02/07/2017
LPC-1655 Jeffrey Aronson Release 02/07/2017
LMSW-15400 Jamie Born Release 02/07/2017
L.D. Lumpkin Release 02/07/2017
LCSW - Applicant Lori Hall Denial 02/03/2017
LMFT-0416 Heather Reimann Consent Agreement 01/20/2017
LAC-16433 Yaundi Awosika Consent Agreement 01/10/2017
LASAC-15114 Marisa Viterbo Order of Revocation 01/10/2017
LPC-10648 Christy Maxey Consent Agreement 01/09/2017
LASAC-13241 Melissa Kinworthy Consent Agreement 01/03/2017
LPC-13370 Ann Tucker Consent Agreement 01/03/2017
LCSW-1535 Judith Pike Consent Agreement 01/03/2017
LISAC-10663 Kathleen Baker Consent Agreement 01/03/2017