Meet the Executive Director

In July of 2014, AZBBHE welcomed a new Executive Director, Tobi Zavala.  Ms. Zavala has been with the Board for over four years and served as its Interim Executive Director from 02/14 - 07/14. 


My goals for the Board are to maintain the safety and welfare of the public, while ensuring our applicants and licensees are treated fairly and equitably; at the same time, consistently monitoring the behavioral health and licensing trends to keep the Board current and aligned with federal and national standards.

The Board is currently in the process of creating, clarifying, and instituting rules initiated by the passage of SB1374.  It’s been my mission to encourage, invite, and engage as many subject matter experts and stakeholders in the process as possible so that all interested parties have representation and feel heard.  We have also been actively seeking feedback from the public through the Board’s website and encouraging people to participate in the process.  Please continue to visit our new and evolving website!

Board staff and I strive for continual improvement in Board operations.  My commitment to our Board and committee members, the public, and licensees is to enhance processes and procedures where possible, while still maintaining the integrity and respect our regulated professionals expect from our Agency.


Tobi Zavala
Executive Director