Testing Info

For Counseling, Social Work and Marriage and Family Therapy you need authorization to test.  When you have applied and the credentialing committee has determined that you meet all other requirements you will receive your authorization to test. The following contact numbers are available if you need to contact the testing entity for another reason such as obtaining an official score report for an exam previously taken or acquiring information regarding testing accommodations.

Substance Abuse

ICRC exam administered by: The Arizona Board for Certification of Addiction Counselors(ABCAC) can administer this exam to anyone not working within the Indian Health Service system. Contact Diane DeGeorge at (602) 251-8548

The Southwest Indian Substance Abuse Counselor Certification Board (SISACCB) can administer this exam to all individuals working within the Indian Health Service system.  Contact Hedy Emery at (602) 254-3247

Information regarding the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) exam can be obtained by calling Donna Croy at 1-800-548-0497 ext. 111.


(336) 482-2856

Social Work

(800) 225-6880

Marriage and Family Therapy

Professional Testing Corporation
(212) 356-0660